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For all of you iPhone users out there, by now, I’m sure you have heard of Apple’s new release of iOS9. While I have grown to like Apple’s product line more than I used to over the past few months, that all came to a screaming...

Posted on: Sep 21st, 2015

I come from a strict PHP/Python/Java background which is why I’ve always developed web applications. I’ve made a few Android apps in the past but nothing too special. Now that I started using Swift and have really dived deep into...

Posted on: Aug 26th, 2015
Swift Optionals

Swift, in my opinion, is a huge improvement over Objective-C. If you’re a developer out there who’s never made an iOS app, now is the perfect time to get into Apple development. Although I am not actually a fan of developing...

Posted on: Aug 25th, 2015