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set up recaptcha

Why use reCAPTCHA? ReCAPTCHA is a great way to verify users are real. Many bots nowadays will look hard for contact forms that don’t use reCAPTCHA or an equivalent and send thousands of messages a...

Posted on: Jun 28th, 2016

To say the least, “learning to code” can be an extremely daunting task. The amount of languages out there, the syntax, and the overall process of thinking can be very overwhelming at first....

Posted on: Sep 16th, 2015
set up recaptcha

reCAPTCHA is extremely important these days to verify bots aren’t trying to take advantage of your site. reCAPTCHA 2.0 is a little bit different than the old reCAPTCHA. You are no longer typing text...

Posted on: Aug 16th, 2015