For all of you iPhone users out there, by now, I’m sure you have heard of Apple’s new release of iOS9. While I have grown to like Apple’s product line more than I used to over the past few months, that all came to a screaming halt with the release of iOS9. If you care about entrepreneurship at all, I HIGHLY suggest you do not upgrade to iOS9.

Here’s why:

With the release of their new operating system, Apple “enabled” the ability to block ads in iOS. They were very careful with what they did here. They didn’t add a setting to block ads, they gave the ability for iOS developers to make apps to block ads. This means any iPhone user can go onto the app store, download an ad blocker, and never see advertisements again.

While this might sound good at first this is absolutely horrible for developers.

You see, while that ad you see for 15 seconds might seem “annoying” to you, that little ad is paying the developer that’s making the app to help you or your loved one quit smoking and potentially save their life. That little ad is keeping the lights on late at night for the developer to keep you’re favorite app free for you, instead of the $0.99 that you will realistically never pay. That little ad is allowing new companies to be created and opening up thousands of new jobs all over the world.

For years, Apple has already been making it extremely hard on developers. Just to make an iOS app, you will need to learn a language specific to Apple, have access to an extremely pricey Apple computer, and learn Apple’s programming interface which is extremely different from developing for any other platform. If you do decide to go down this route and develop an iOS app, before your app can actually go into the app store, it will be reviewed by Apple just so they can take a large percentage of all profits the app makes.

With enabling ad-blocking, Apple is going to cause a ton of companies to go out of business and hundreds of people to lose jobs. Don’t be surprised to see that app you got for free and love taken out of the app store very soon. If you support entrepreneurship at all, please don’t support iOS9 and speak out to convince Apple to disallow this.