Technology has evolved ever so fast over the years and technology is one of the most talked about fields nowadays. I hear people all the time saying they want to go into “IT”, however most people don’t really now what IT really means. As someone who didn’t know the difference before I went into college, I wanted to write something up to help clarify for anyone out there wondering.

Let’s take an example scenario. You work at Company X. Company X found a brand new application that they want to implement across the entire company. In order to implement the application, new servers will have to be built, the firewall will have to be reconfigured, and the application will have to be installed on every single employee’s computer. THIS is the job of the IT staff. IT will implement, troubleshoot, and maintain the application. They are also the ones that you call when you’re computer doesn’t turn on.


Computer science on the other hand is completely different. In our example of Company X, the comp sci team are the ones developing (“coding”) the software.  While the IT team might know a few lines of code and be able to make some applications, computer science is the study of how to make that application as fast as possible and be able to scale to millions of users. IT is not really code intensive. It is more of the study of how different pieces, or systems talk to each other.

Whether you’re looking to figure out what you want to major in in college, or trying to figure out what new career path you want to go down, make sure you truly know the difference between these two fields many people consider the same. Are you into writing code and trying to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? If so, computer science is the field for you. Do you like integrating multiple technologies to help a company grow their business? If so, IT is the field for you.

Hope this article helps somebody out there!